Monday, June 23, 2008

Conference Wrap-Up

Well, the last day of the conference was the least productive. During the last session of the day (about e-portfolios)the presenter actually stood up and said, "I wasn't expecting this many people. Who are are the IT folks? This presentation is for faculty explaining the very basics of e-portfolios." She then paused as if asking some of us to leave. It was pretty bad.

Other then a couple bad presentations it was a great conference. In this last post I thought I'd share a list of interesting and useful websites that I discovered while at this conference: You have to see this to believe it! Upload a photo and audio and then you can have your picture's "mouth" move to your audio. It is hilarious. Using templates and flash objects, easily great online comic-strip like objects. Here is an example A nice looking photo sharing website. Free (for up to 10 people at a time) virtual classroom. Why spend thousands of dollars for Connect, Echo360, Illuminate, etc. when this tool is free!) Free web meeting where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required for attendees. Create 3D virtual page turning flash brochures and catalogues instantly, online - FREE! A browser for people who like to social network. Create personalized maps that you can share with friends, or collaborate with others. A fantastic way to manage your to-do lists online. It works with google, twitter, outlook, iPhone/iPod Touch, etc. -Great explanation videos about many different web 2.0 technologies Application that will read the text of a web page, see an example of it here: Collaborate online with a contributing to a discussion using almost any media (cell phone, text, video, mic, etc.) This site keeps track of all of your bookmarks / favorites on the web so you can get to them on any computer at any time. It gives you a way to organize your favorite web sites into easy to use categories such as shopping, travel, or email. This way you can group the sites together that you use most often. Vote with your phone or web, great for live classroom polls. No need to buy clickers anymore! Another free polling site.

Video: (a vision of students today)


  1. This sounds like it was the best conference EVAH!!!!

    If only you had gone to a dingy comedy club and saw an unfunny comic!